What Our Clients Are Saying 

William C. (Bill) Norris, BPA, AMCT, RCM
CEO, Huron Shores Property Management Inc.

I began my business career using the Execucentre as my incubator. The Execucentre staff was my receptionist and my face as my virtual office morphed into a professional full time office with 4 employees.

Execucentre provided me with the ideal opportunity to establish and grow my business without the massive investment up front and presented a professional image from the get go!

Michelle Lomazzo, Paralegal
Lomazzo Worker’s Compensation Appeals Professional Corporation

I’ve been using a virtual office with Execucentre for the past eighteen years. They’ve been extremely courteous and professional when dealing with me and my business. Their service and promptness are unsurpassed. I highly recommend their services.

Christopher Todorovski, Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public
Christopher Todorovski Professional Corporation

I have had the pleasure of calling Execucentre my business home for the last four years. The reception and team have been constantly professional, efficient and friendly. I’ve been in other shared co-working spaces over the years, but there is no doubt that this is really my other home for the long term. You get a private office to help keep distance in our social distancing world, you have great front desk reception, you have a comfortable environment, boardroom, meeting room, office and most importantly, you have a really caring and passionate company looking after you. I cannot recommend Execucentre enough!

Joel Katz, Mortgage Broker
The Mortgage Group Ontario Inc.

As I myself continue to enjoy the numerous benefits of being a virtual office owner at “EXECUCENTRE” I am pleased to say this year marks my 19th year here.

The unparalleled service for which I receive from the administrative staff, continues to give me peace of mind & I know that my clients are always treated with respect, and in a highly consistent and professional manner. Especially now, in these trying times, EXECUCENTRE is such a great place to operate because I know my business interests are always looked after. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but somehow at EXECUCENTRE, they manage to do it year in and year out.

Thank you for all you do… above and beyond the call of duty!

Maja Mitreva, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, RCIC
Paralegal, LSO
Ambassador Immigration Solutions

Execucentre is a unique business that provides customized solutions to both new and established entrepreneurs. Execucentre has been the perfect home of our immigration business for over eight years now. We have received extraordinary service and professional space to suit our needs, as we grew. The virtual office concept helped us when we needed presentable office space at an affordable cost.

The Execucentre allowed us to grow over time and expand into bigger, full-time offices. Our clients always have access to courteous and friendly front desk service, and this positive experience has resulted in returning business for us. Execucentre has greatly contributed to our success, and we are looking forward to many more years of an excellent business relationship. 

Kelly Curtis

I have been a client of the Execucentre for approximately 6 years and can say it has been a very positive experience. I started out using the Virtual Office which is a perfect fit for new small business owners that are working on building their client base but still need a professional space to help them grow. After a few years of using this office, I was able to rent an office that perfectly fit the size I needed for a very reasonable cost per month. I have a mailbox so I can direct my mail to my office and another wonderful benefit, I can use the board room if I require a larger venue to meet a larger group of clients.

The Execucentre is a centrally located office with free parking and it is right on a bus route for clients that rely on this method of transportation. I would highly recommend this place for any small business owner looking for a professional space to grow their business!