Mailing Address

There are several reasons you may want to use a virtual/physical mailing address:


  • Business Address: A business address is useful if you have an online business. If you’re a
    startup, a physical presence is generally needed to register a corporation. Using your
    personal address is an option, but that can put your privacy at risk, since it will be publicly
  • Mail & Package Forwarding: Have your mail or packages forwarded to us without even
    leaving the house.
  • Travel: If you’re traveling abroad, or even just out of town for a while, you probably want to
    still be able to receive mail. A virtual mailing address will receive your mail in your absence.
  • Security: Your documents (legal, business, or personal) are kept under the security of
    Execucentre until you decide whether you require them forwarded, scanned or picking them


Solutions to suit your needs.


Open & Scans.


Amazon Returns:

For businesses only. 


Shipping Receiving Options:

Canada Post, UPS, Purolator and FedEx. 


Canadian Street Address:

You receive a Canadian physical address for you or your business. 


Mail & Package Forwarding.


Shipping Options (your account):

Canada Post, UPS, Purolator and FedEx. 


Package Consolidation:

Your Canadian Address can take multiple small packages and combine them into one to reduce the overall shipping costs you pay when forwarding packages. 


Competitive pricing.

12 Month Mailing Address 

$200.00/year plus HST

12 Month Business Address

$400.00/year plus HST 

Your choice of package plus:

Scanning: $2/5 pages

Faxing: $2/first 5 pages

Letter Forwarding: $2 + postage

Package Forwarding: $5 + postage

Storage: Free for the first 15 days, after that you’ll be notified.